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We choose to be different because being ordinary is boring.


Build Better Brothels

Started up in April of 2022, we are a young real estate management LLC that has an ambitious goal: build luxury brothel resorts and manage them.

We're passionate about sex work because we believe consenting adults doing what they want is a beautiful thing. Wanting sex is natural and so is wanting money. However, the existing brothel system is flawed. 

Our LLC seeks to develop revolutionary brothels that will be luxury resorts for those seeking legal prostitution and a Vegas-esque resort feel. Again with emphasis on the legal sex part.

We are seeking investors to help fund our brothels that will provide not only a profitable return, but will also be giving consenting adults a clean, safe, fun and LEGAL place to engage in prostitution and other activities.

Invest in us for financial and societal reasons

Holding Hands
Image by Ross Joyner

Our Journey So Far -- and Where We Hope It Goes.


Intimate Dealings forms. 

Optimistically: 2023

Our first brothel begins construction and opens on Christmas of 2023.

Navigating in Woods
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