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Discover how we plan to revitalize the world's oldest profession


We’re Revolutionizing the Way Nevada Brothels Operate

Nevada is the only state in the USA to have legal prostitution. Despite being legal, the brothels don't do much to draw in customers because of high prices, far locations and unpleasant brothel atmosphere.

We have a plan to change that. We're a real estate development start up and our business model is: BBB. In the context of sex work, that can mean many things, but to us, it's a simple promise: Build Better Brothels. 



BBB will be delivered on these three promises:

Themed brothel resorts

Most of the brothels in Nevada are plain-looking buildings that lack the same flair that strip clubs have. Our brothels promise to bring a level of panache that is missing in the Nevada brothel industry. Our brothels will be themed and the entire brothel will match the particular theme. For instance, one brothel we are planning will be Ancient Egyptian themed. Think of the Vegas Luxor casino -- but adult entertainment centered. 

Red Theme

Have a resort-like experience

It's not so much about who works in the brothel, it's equally about how the brothel looks. Many brothels in Nevada are old and run-down. We promise to build and develop consumer and worker-friendly buildings that will provide not only legality and safety, but also, build brothels that persuade people to want to spend money there.

In addition to exterior and interior design, we seek to ban smoking in our brothels and seek to offer more on our properties than just sex. We want to offer a resort-style experience that you would find on the Vegas strip.


And lastly, we want to hire more ethnic, diverse sex workers.

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Pink Sugar
Pink Sugar
Pink Sugar

Why investors should invest in us

Because we are offering to improve a lucrative market that although it is controversial, it is legal in Nevada, and it vastly needs changes implemented. 

After all, sex sells! So why not make it a more appealing, better market.


We're also disabled, millennial-led. A new generation needs to take charge of this age-old industry.

For investors looking to invest in new areas; for those looking to invest in those who refuse to be mainstream; for those investors who dare to be different, invest in us.

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Intimate Dealings In Numbers


When we hope to open our first brothel

$2 - 5M

CAPITAL we need for our business to achieve its goals


Number of brothels we seek to open in the next 8 years


Is the number of partners we need

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